SteamPunk Publishing at its core is a versatile team of accomplished artists and designers, but most importantly, experienced gamers.

We combine our creative talents and passions for gaming in chase of a single ideaóto effectively introduce technology to the table and storytelling forums.

Words Just Got an Upgrade.

Team Collaborators

Brian Abbott
Creative Advisor

Andy Koneski
Creative Advisor

Rich Tomasheski
Game Designer

Brandon Kratky

John Saavedra Jr.
Blog Writer

Brandon Battersby

Creative Director

Conceived by midi-chlorians, Brandon Battersby was born with a great control over the living Force and, more importantly, his imagination. His talent for storytelling coalesced in him at a very early age; so early, in fact, he would have to speak his stories to his mother so that she could transcribe them for him. Eventually, he learned to read and write, though speling never quiet becam his strongsute.

Brandon graduated Fairleigh Dickinson University with high honors in the Creative Writing Program. He explored unfamiliar writers and techniques eager to develop his own method of storytelling. His well-received works of fiction earned him the Beverly Saul Award and MFA Achievement Award in Creative Writing during his four years at the university.

Brandon also cofounded Sphere Literary Magazine , the international journal of student writing. During his time as editor-in-chief, the journalís exposure and participation grew exponentially. The magazine began receiving so many submissions that the editors were able to expand, going from producing one issue per year to two by the end of its second year. His strong focus on community development, outreach, and web design propelled the magazine into the academic spot-light.

It was this experience that introduced him to the larger world of digital publishing and inspired him to envision far beyond paper and words in regards to the art storytelling. The expanse, reach and energy behind digital publishing vaulted Brandon headlong into the industry, eager to explore the possibilities with other daring artists and friends. His passion to engage the community, support collaborations, and inspire creation will be a strong driving force behind the team at SteamPunk Publishing.

Megan Kellerman


Megan has been furiously editing things all her life, as well as furiously defeating Final Fantasy bosses and conquering various scifi novels for her enjoyment. She writes poetry that no one would ever teach in high school because itís written in actual Modern English. Of all the things to go out of style, she regrets that the pleasure of poetry has become one of them, and works tirelessly to remedy that.

SteamPunk Publishing approached Megan with the foreknowledge that she is drawn to anything that needs proofreading, reconstructive surgery, and a polished shine. She is also fascinated by clockwork, as well as the ideology behind the Steam Punk genre, and all of these things have made her an enthusiastic volunteer for the efforts of SteamPunk Publishing.

Though Megan will never stop adding impressive amounts of books to her physical library, she supports the innovation of digital publishing, and believes that any expansion of the literary art is a great thing.

As an undergraduate at Fairleigh Dickinson University, Megan received the Creative Writing departmentís MFA award for excellence in her major. She also received the Andonis Decavalles Poetry Scholarship two years in a row, and will see her first poem published in the spring of 2011 in the inaugural edition of the journal, Catfish Creek. All of these things have fueled her poetic obsessions.

Frank Riccobono

Web Director

Frank Riccobono began writing at the age of seven. And though his early masterpieces are long lost in the digital graveyard of crashed hard drives, he has continued to hold the pen or tap the keyboard to this day. Of course, Frankís creative outbursts have taken more forms beyond the written word. From the cryptic art of the conlang to oft overlooked analytical art of computer programming, he has explored storytelling in a variety of media. He has tread the boards in several amateur theaters, written for and performed with a sketch comedy troupe, and has even dabbled in an arcane form of three-dimensional art known as prop making.

Frank graduated from Stevens Institute of Technology with high honors. Motivated by his commitment to a fusion of analytical and creative thinking, he earned bachelorís degrees in Computer Science and English Literature and a masterís degree in Computer Science. The unending search for this fusion is also what has drawn Frank to SteamPunk Publishing. He plans to use his technical expertise and creative experience to serve the company well.

SteamPunk Publishing is Frankís second venture in publishing. As a freshman at Stevens, Frank helped to found Red Shift, a literary magazine for the entire Stevens community. He served as the secretary for that organization for two years. Frank currently serves on the board of the Hope for Change Foundation, a unique charity that utilizes theatrical programming to raise funds and awareness for breast cancer research.