SteamPunk Publishing has released a BETA version of our new Crosshairs Gaming System. We encourage the role-playing and table-top community to download a free copy of the rules and tools to try their hand at it. To the right are links to downloadable PDFs of the rules and character sheets. After giving it a shot, visit our tester driven forums. Any degree of feedback will be used to improve our products and design.

Crosshairs is a unique role-playing game system that employs advanced combat mechanics particular to campaign settings that involve heavy use of guns, ballistics, tactics, and warfare. Although the system can work effectively with melee and magic combat, such as in fantasy settings, Crosshairs stands out for its dynamic combat system and its diverse weapon and character customization.

This system provides fast-paced and tactical gameplay, creating the closest first-person shooter experience one can have with dice, pen, and paper while still providing the tools and fresh development structure necessary for any role-playing game. The result provides the best of both skirmish and roleplaying games; the result is Crosshairs.

We’re coming to your table, and we’re bringing guns…